Meet The Team


He’s been around since day one. “It’s because of the love of all plants, the butterflies, the music, the sound of the fountains, and the people I get to meet.”


His favorite plant is a Thryallis because they’re always flowering, bright + bold yellows and the butterflies love them.


He has been around since almost the beginning. He brings his plant knowledge + expert plant styling to the Shade House. He also creates amazing pieces of art using plants for your home or business that will catch everyone's eye.


His love is for aquatics + he has a beautiful selection in the shade house.


She’s been here since 2014. She helps make it all happen by opening the store, checking inventories, accepting deliveries...and so on.


Her favorite plants are Cape honeysuckle because it attracts humming birds + looks like a fire on top with its bright colors.

Her second is the sweet almond bush. “Smells so good + bees love them.”


She’s been here since summer 2018 + has been taking care of the retail shop. She loves to style the retail space + create areas like her fairy garden underneath the register.


Her favorite plant is the Calathea Rattlesnake. She also loves the

high-end ceramic pots we carry.


He’s been with Amelia’s since 2018. He takes care of deliveries, the fountains, + helps Amanda on the Sunny Side.


His favorite plant is the Borneo Giant because of its big leaves that look like elephant ears.


She’s been with Amelia’s since January 2018 coming with 11 years of experience. Her role is, “to keep the Sunny Side alive”.


Amanda loves nurturing plants and her favorites are the tropical plants.


She is one of the owners of Amelia's and created this place from nothing. She is full of plant knowledge and keeps everything running smoothly.


He makes everything look beautiful and has an incredible eye for design. Alongside Marta, he made Amelia's into the beautiful garden center it is. He is also one of the owners and works very hard to provide quality plants for your space.


She is our social media + events coordinator, newsletter creator, and media girl. She's been around since February 19'.


Her favorite plant is a Monstera deliciosa and she has over 10 because she loves to propagate them.


Ted has been a part of Amelia's since the very beginning. He has created + maintained our website for years. He also helped create our current website.

His favorite plant is a Royal poinciana.


Tom joined our team in March of 2020. He is a freelance writer and gardening consultant from West Palm Beach.

He writes articles for our monthly newsletter. Subscribe on our home page to read his beautiful writings!