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Meet The Team



Mike has been there since nearly the beginning. He brings life to the Shade House where he's the designer of some of our most beautiful "creations."


She came to Amelia's in 2015, traveled and volunteered, and returned in 2019.


Paula's love of gardening is about digging in the dirt, the joy and feeling of accomplishment, and having a connection to nature.


Her favorite plant is any plant that feeds birds, bees, insects, and people. 


She’s been here since May 2018 + has been taking care of the retail shop. She loves to style the retail space + help customers pick out the perfect pot for their new plants.


Her favorite plant is the Calathea Rattlesnake for the beautiful green leaf design on top and the solid burgundy color on the bottom.


Her best planting tip is not to overwater your potted plants. 



She's been here for 5 years. She helps make it all happen. By opening the store, checking inventories, accepting deliveries, and so on.

Her favorite plants are cape honeysuckle because it attracts humming birds + looks like a fire on top with its bright colors. Her second is the sweet almond bush. "Smells so good + bees love them."



He’s our seasonal Smarty who spends his winter here enjoying the warm sunshine and green landscapes. His favorite plants are our Florida natives. 


September 2020 is when TJ arrived at Amelia's. His favorite plant is Bay Cedar & he says, "Better to have more soil on hand than less."



You'll find this guy mostly behind the register, where he's happy to help you with any advice you might need on your purchases.

His favorite plants are those exotic alocasias. He likes the way the leaves evolve and change as the plant matures.​


His tip? Keep smiling. Plants can sense your mood, so stay positive around them!



Angélicas favorite plant is Confederate Jasmine.


Her tip is to pay close attention to it after the initial planting to make sure it gets enough water.


Fertilize 3-4 times a year to make sure it blooms as expected.



Andrew’s favorite plant is Monstera deliciosa.


However, his tip has more to do with succulents than tropicals since he is a transplant from Arizona.


Do not overwater cactus and succulents as they prefer very dry conditions.  



Back again after a short hiatus, she's assisting with private events and our own "After Hours" programs. 

Her favorite plant is the "Queens Wreath"

vine with it's delicate purple flowers.


Best tip? Buy plants in threes if you have the room.


The letter is short for Guillome, and you'll find him in the Shade House, where his love for all of our "Shady Ladies" is apparent by the excellent care he gives them. 


She is one of the owners of Amelia's and created this place from nothing. She is full of plant knowledge and keeps everything running smoothly.




He makes everything look beautiful and has an incredible eye for design. Alongside Marta, he made Amelia's into the beautiful garden center it is. He is also one of the owners and works very hard to provide quality plants for your space.



She is our graphics + newsletter creator, and media girl. She's been around since February 2019.


Her favorite plant is a Monstera deliciosa and she has over 10 because she loves to propagate them.

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