December, 2019 Newsletter

December is here, and we are getting into the holiday spirit. This is the season for gift-giving to your family + close friends; we want to help! 
Amelia's Creations are special gifts that keep on giving and growing. 
Stop in this weekend so we can help you pick out the perfect one for that special someone.

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Sunny Side
Brunsfelsia grandiflora

The unusual popular name of this shrub becomes clear to anyone who observes it. First the flowers open as purple, then they change to lavender, and finally, to almost white. All 3 colors can be seen on the plant at the same, and all this happens in only 3 days. Truly stunning!

Light: Best in filtered sunlight
Water: Medium
Bloom Time: Fall to Winter
Mature Size: 3'-6'H x 3'x6' W
Soil: Rich well-drained soil

Savia bahamensis

Endangered, medium-tall, evergreen perennial Florida-native shrub with small leaves and compact growth. This hardy coastal resident is an excellent choice when looking for drought- and/or salt-tolerant screening material. Reddish new growth, beautifully shiny oval leaves, and a naturally rounded shape add beauty to functionality. Use in mass or mixed with plants of similar height but with contrasting leaf shape and color for a more natural-looking and interesting screen.

Light: Full to Part Sun
Water: Drought tolerant once established
Bloom Time: Spring
Shade House

Flamingo Flower
Anthurium species

This plant is native to warm climates of tropical America and enjoys high humidity, bright light, and temperatures above 70. There are hundreds of varieties and colors. Anthurium require rich well-drained soil, at least 6 hours a day of high light but not direct sun, and moist soil but slightly dry between waterings. Flowers can occur year-round and can last for months, but even with ideal growing conditions, it will most likely produce only limited flowers throughout the year. With its heart-shaped leaves, Anthurium add a tropical element to any shade garden.

Light: High light
Water: Moist (slightly dry between waterings)
Bloom Time: Year-round
Soil: Rich well-drained

Aquatic Plant

Red Bog Lily
Crinum menehue

This Lily is small growing and can be grown in the pond margin or as a potted plant. It forms deep burgundy red leaves that are 1"-2" wide, which keep their color as long as the plant is kept in full sun or bright shade. In the warmer months, it can also produce a deep pink flower on red stems.

Sun: Full sun to bright shade
Water: Moist
Mature Size: 2' x 3'
Make a new statement this holiday season with a Christmas cactus that will bloom every season for you and grow into a bigger and bigger mass. 
These cacti like their soil evenly moist and enjoy a lot of light.
Orchids have arrived and they are more beautiful than ever. Find them in the Shade House or in the shop nicely potted. They make incredible gifts this holiday season.

Also tiny Poinsettias + Magnolia wreaths will add the perfect Christmas touch to your home.
We hope you enjoyed our December newsletter, and that we will see you soon. Happy Holidays from all of us at SmartyPlants. Make sure to keep in touch through Instagram + Facebook where we share all about plants.
We are grateful for you!
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