November is here, and those cooler temperatures are starting to tease us. If you haven't seen us in a while, it's time to come over. We have a special sale for November and, as always, our plants of the month.

Magnolia wreaths have arrived!
Come check out the beautiful designs that are must-haves this holiday season.
Sunny Side
Desert Cassia
Senna polyphylla

Desert cassia is a very popular landscape tree in South Florida.

  • Small weeping form makes it suitable for pots, bonsai, and small garden spaces 
  • Grows to 6'-15'H x 6'-10'W
  • Drought tolerant once established making it an excellent tree for xeriscapes
  • Moderately salt tolerant
  • Full sun
  • Spectacular yellow blossoms most prevalent between mid October and May
  • Host plant for sulfur butterflies, as well as an excellent source of nectar
Saltwater False Willow
Baccharis angustifolia

Saltwater False Willow is a lovely coastal dweller + is at home in natural landscapes.

  • Tolerates brackish water + moderate salt spray
  • Prefers wet-to-moist soil but can take average-water conditions
  • Full sun
  • Smallish pale yellow flowers summer through fall provide nectar for butterflies
  • Grows 5'-10'H x 4'-8'W

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Shade House
Hoya species

  • Likes indirect bright light + is tolerant of high humidity
  • Prefers well-draining potting soil
  • Water when top half of soil is dry
  • Fertilize preferably with a liquid fertilizer
  • High light and regular feedings will encourage Hoyas to flower

Our Hoya selection includes Jade, Tricolor, Rope, + Kentiana
Aquatic Plant

Colocasia /Taro

  • Soil needs to stay moist to wet all the time
  • These plants are heavy feeders and look best when well fed
  • To fertilize, use Pondtabbs which are easy to apply 
  • Often used as a marginal plant in the pond or as a feature in a pot 
  • Must be kept constantly moist
  • Prefers full sun to partial shade
Choose from exciting varieties such as Elena, Black Coral, Violet Stem 'Fontanesii', + Variegated Taro 

This November, all fairy garden items are 40% off! We have a great selection of houses and characters. We hope you have fun creating your very own fairy garden that will spark joy.

It's a great way to get children involved with gardening, especially during the holiday breaks. Collect your items now so they can be outside gardening soon.

This warm November is your last chance to do any pruning on your plants. Hopefully, those very cool temperatures we are all dreaming about will get here soon. So take out your shears for one last ride this year and put them away until spring. 

We appreciate your business + hope the rest of your November is great!

See you soon. Amelia's SmartyPlants
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