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What's New in December?

We have many new items for this season. We offer unique gifts for the gardener on your list. Dare to be different; shop at SmartyPlants:  

Pottery (huge selection)
Bird Baths
Bird Feeders & Bird Houses
Fairy Garden Accessories 
Gloves & Hats
Wind Chimes & Glass Ornaments
Watering Cans
Indoor/Outdoor Mats
And much much more

If you have a "difficult-to-buy-for person" how about a Gift Card?

Have guests coming over? Beautify your landscape and pots with colorful annuals just for the season. 

 'This the Season for Herbs & Veggies
The weather has sure been wonky, hasn't it? Dry in the rainy season and pouring rain in the dry season. 

The El Niño warming effect is in full force this year, which, according to meteorologists, is the reason for such a warm and wet fall. Throw climate change into the mix and things get really bumpy! For us gardeners, all of this translates into a harder time sprouting and establishing cool-weather veggies and herbs. If you have waited to the last minute to start your garden, it is not too late to plant veggies and herbs. The cooler weather is probably just around the corner.  

For herbs, try various mints, parsley, thyme, sage, dill, fennel, and cilantro. For legumes try lima, pole, & bush beans. Since leafy greens do better in cooler weather, try Chinese cabbage, escarole, lettuce, spinach, cresses, and mustard greens. Other edible plants that also appreciate the cooler weather are tomatoes and peppers. Check out our diverse selection of heirloom, organic, and GMO-free seeds. Or, skip the sprouting part and jump right into it with veggie starts from SmartyPlants.

When putting seeds or starts in the ground, we recommend adding a mycorrhizae supplement - beneficial fungi for roots. It gives the fragile young plants the very best chance to develop to their full potential. We have several organic starter fertilizer products available. Our most recent addition, FUHGEDDABOUDIT Root Zone Feeder Packs, contain fertilizer, mycorrhizae, biochar, azomite, and oyster shell flour, all great supplements to give your new plantings a kick start. To learn more, watch the video  

El Niño usually brings twice as much rainfall, which naturally translates into thriving fungus and bacteria. Keep your organic fungicides and bactericides handy, which of course we have at SmartyPlants if you run low.

El Niño winters tend to be colder than average here in the southeast. Frost blankets (offered by the foot) are great for larger vegetable beds. Bio-fleece winter coats are advisable for individual pots and larger plants. Be prepared to get those treasured herbs and veggies through cold snaps.

Most of all, ENJOY your herb & veggie experience. Happy winter gardening! 

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Paul's Picks of the Month

Two Unique Trees And New Organic Products

Paul Harding

Rainbow Eucalyptus

Rainbow Eucalyptus (eucalyptus degulpta) is the only eucalyptus found naturally in the Northern Hemisphere. The multi-hued bark is its distinctive feature. The outer bark sheds to reveal a bright green inner bark that matures to blue, purple, orange and maroon tones. The Rainbow Eucalyptus is mostly used as an ornamental tree in gardens or parks. You can expect it to reach a height of 35-40 ft.

Michelia alba

Though both Michelia alba and the fragrant Ylang Ylang tree are related by family (Annonaceae), the Ylang Ylang needs to be quite old and large to bloom. The Michelia, a 25-foot evergreen with highly aromatic flowers, blooms even at a young age. Like Coco Chanel's Chanel No.5 perfume which uses Ylang Ylang blooms, the Michelia flower is used to make the world's most expensive perfume 'Joy'. Our trees are currently in bloom, so don't miss the chance to get a whiff of 'Joy' perfume in the making.   

New Organic Products

We now carry bat guano and seaweed concentrate. Both are included in our new line of Dr. Earth organic fertilizers based in Winters, California.

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