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Paul's Picks of the Month

Two Unique Trees And New Organic Products

Paul Harding

Rainbow Eucalyptus

Rainbow Eucalyptus (eucalyptus degulpta) is the only eucalyptus found naturally in the Northern Hemisphere. The multi-hued bark is its distinctive feature. The outer bark sheds to reveal a bright green inner bark that matures to blue, purple, orange and maroon tones. The Rainbow Eucalyptus is mostly used as an ornamental tree in gardens or parks. You can expect it to reach a height of 35-40 ft.

Michelia alba

Though both Michelia alba and the fragrant Ylang Ylang tree are related by family (Annonaceae), the Ylang Ylang needs to be quite old and large to bloom. The Michelia, a 25-foot evergreen with highly aromatic flowers, blooms even at a young age. Like Coco Chanel's Chanel No.5 perfume which uses Ylang Ylang blooms, the Michelia flower is used to make the world's most expensive perfume 'Joy'. Our trees are currently in bloom, so don't miss the chance to get a whiff of 'Joy' perfume in the making.   

New Organic Products

We now carry bat guano and seaweed concentrate. Both are included in our new line of Dr. Earth organic fertilizers based in Winters, California.

Martin Says...

July 9, 2015
Go Variegated
What is variegation? It is interesting patterns of two or more color tones in leaves or stems of plants. It is caused by color pigments that unevenly replace the green color (chlorophyll) in the tissue. Although white is usually the color associated with variegation, it can also be pink, yellow, orange, purple, etc. Variegated plants make up less than 1% of all plants in nature.

Variegation is in a class of its own when it comes to adding interest to the garden. There are many people who dedicate themselves to collecting only variegated plants. Their gardens provide a soft and cool feel with exciting combinations of texture and color created mainly by multi-tone foliage as opposed to blooms.

Options for variegated plants are numerous. The display below shows only a fraction of these types of plants that we offer you. Make your garden more sexy with variegated plants!

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