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October, 2018 Newsletter

October Yard Chores
    It has become a habit to mention that October is the best month to do your fall plant feeding. Temperatures have finally dropped a few degrees and the threat of a major storm has subsided. All plants have been stressed by the high heat and lack of rain, and they could use a boost to get them back on track. When fertilizing, remember the rule of thumb of one pound of fertilizer for every three feet of height for palms and trees. Half that amount is applicable for the average shrub. Pulling away mulch when applying the fertilizer is important as mulch absorbs nitrogen from the fertilizer that's intended for the plants. After applying the fertilizer, replace the mulch and water thoroughly.   
    As an alternative to synthetic fertilizers, organic fertilizers not only feed the plants, but they also provide beneficial organisms like mycorrhizal fungi. These organisms increase the surface area of the roots and add a layer of protection by living between and in direct contact with the roots and the soil around them. Their main benefit is to increase the plant's ability to gather nutrients and water from the soil. This process is beneficial to plants at any stage, but it's particularly helpful during the plant's establishment period. 
New at SmartyPlants 
    We have introduced a new line of light-weight contemporary planters from the Netherlands. Pottery Pots Company was the brain child of two Dutch brothers who began their company in a garage in 2008. Now marking their 10th-year anniversary, Pottery Pots has become a global player in the manufacturing of pottery made from Fiberstone. This material is a combination of fiberglass and stone powder which ensures a durable material that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use at any temperature. Fiberstone comes in natural colors with glossy or matte finishes. Their glossy options include a car-lacquer finish for a highly durable shine. Stop in to see this line of simple and elegant designs that are light weight and low maintenance as well as being a great alternative to glazed pottery.
    We just restocked our Mad Mats indoor/outdoor-rug collection with new and exciting styles and colors. Save 15% until the end of October on these durable yet lovely rugs. 
Plants of the Month
    Asystasia gangetica 'You're So Vein' Ganges Primrose or Veined-Leaf Chinese Violet.  
Native to Asia, this is an eye-catching perennial with unique ruffled and puckered green leaves veined in bright white. As it sprawls over the ground, it produces lavender trumpet-shaped flowers which attract butterflies. It thrives in sun or partial shade and can tolerate dry conditions, heat, humidity, salty air, and nutrient-poor soils. 'You're so Vein' is great for mixed containers, planter boxes, or hanging baskets. Available here in 6"and 10" pots and 16" hanging baskets. The 6" and 10" pots are 20% off until the end of the month. 
Dwarf Barbados Cherry or Dwarf Pink Mound 
Without coaxing or pampering, dwarf Barbados cherry produces small pink-&-white dainty flowers followed by red edible cherry-like fruit throughout the year. With a very high vitamin C content, it is said that 1 cherry equals the vitamin content of 12 oranges. They can be used in jellies & jams, and they freeze without losing their vitamin potency. 
    Native to West Indies & Central America, this plant is drought tolerant once established. Grows to 2'-4' tall by 2'-3' wide making an excellent hedge or year round accent in full sun to partial shade. Butterflies and bees are attracted to the nectar, & the fruit is a favorite among the birds. We are pleased to offer 3-gallon and 7-gallon dwarf Barbados cherry with buds, blooms, & fruit!  


September 2018 Newsletter

What's New?    

SmartyPlants owners Paul and Marta recently attended a trade show for a chance to see new items by current suppliers and a chance to add new vendors with unique and unusual home and garden d├ęcor. It was a very successful buying spree and some of their finds are already arriving at SmartyPlants!

   Our line of gorgeous teak planters are here. These one-of-a-kind pieces are shaped from teak roots. In several shapes and sizes, these planters hold many cracks and crevasses that are suitable for growing ferns, foliage plants, tillandsias, or bromeliads. Stunning on their own too, they can be left bare to create a simple yet elegant showpiece. Since they are made from teak, they can withstand our Florida climate whether used outdoor or indoor.

Two new product lines that will be arriving in a few weeks include a high-end line of hand-woven baskets. These will be a great alternative to indoor ceramic pots for displaying interior foliage plants. The second is a line of Chinese porcelains that will include pots, bowls, garden seats, and chargers. This porcelain is the real deal. It is produced using the centuries-old techniques including foot stomping. Each piece is painstakingly hand painted and handcrafted, producing flawless pieces that can be passed on from generation to generation. Look for more about these items in upcoming newsletters. 

Plant of the Month
 Native to Sri Lanka, Wrightia antidysenterica or 'Arctic Snow' has become one of SmartyPlants signature landscape plants. This plant can be used as a specimen, hedgerow, accent plant or a container thriller. With its dark green foliage and star-shaped white blossoms, it is a visual stunner. On its own, it will grow to 5 to 6 feet tall. Minimal trimming once a year can produce a nice shrub of 3 to 4 feet. It requires full sun and only moderate watering once established. Its major benefit is its profusion of white 'snowflake' flowers that cover the shrub at least 10 months of the year. No significant pests bother it either, but temperatures below 60°F will make it slightly unhappy. If you are looking for a white accent shrub for pots or landscape beds, Wrightia 'Arctic Snow' could definitely fit the bill. Smartyplants has it in both 1-gallon and 3-gallon pots.   

 Getting Ready for Season
For our customers who like to raise their own herbs, fruits, and vegetables now is the time to prep your growing beds or pots. After weeding and removing remnants of last year's crop, apply a fresh layer of organic material, like composted cow manure or mushroom compost, and work it into the existing soil. This will supply non-burning nitrogen and other beneficial nutrients to your soil. It will also help to hold moisture in your soil. Other organic fertilizers like hen manure or seaweed extract, can be added when starter plants or seeds are added to your beds. Our organic seeds and small pots of herbs and vegetables have begun to arrive. SmartyPlants is also carrying a new organic weed killer that is citric-acid based. WeedKleen, which is produced locally, will allow you to keep your growing beds weed free without the use of synthetic chemicals. It is available now in 32-ounce spray bottles.

Labor Day Sale

Our final summer holiday is Labor Day, this Monday, September 3rd. As SmartyPlants is closed on Mondays, we decided to bring you a Labor-Day Sale Event on Saturday the 1st & Sunday the 2nd only. If you have been waiting to add a water feature to your garden or patio, now is the time. 

20 % Off Fountains 
All of our in-stock factory-assembled fountains will be 20% off. Pebble, slate & granite fountains, which are sold as separate components, are excluded. Fountain delivery and installation is available for an additional charge.  

20% Off Aquatics
All in-stock aquatic plants and accessories including, containers, fertilizers for pond plants, and algaecide treatments for aquatic gardens will be 20% off. 

There will be other items on sale over the weekend at 20% and 30% off. Stop by SmartyPlants to find that special item that you've been wanting at a reduced price.
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