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Thank you for your interest in our landscape consultation services. 

The process begins with a site visit that lasts approximately 1 hr. We discuss your ideas, goals and objectives, site conditions, etc. We also photograph and measure your property, and we archive this information to use in the design process. 

Using the information acquired during the site visit, we meet with you at SmartyPlants to present you with a conceptual design idea using the plants that are appropriate for your site conditions and that also meet your personal considerations. Within one or two days of this meeting, we present you with a landscape proposal that includes an itemized list of plants and materials and the cost to install them. 

In summary, the process includes: 
  •  An onsite meeting with you to evaluate site conditions and identify your goals 
  •  A meeting at SmartyPlants to present you with a fully thought-out conceptual idea with plant combinations that are appropriate for your site-specific conditions and goals 
  •  A cost proposal for installation services 

This process, which we have implemented numerous times, is simple, effective, and efficient. If however, you prefer a visual complete design on paper, an estimate will be presented to you to prepare one. The fee for a design will depend on the size of your yard and the complexity of the design. 

Paul, co-owner of SmartyPlants, has more than 25 years of experience in landscape design and installation. He is on site during the installation process. The level of quality of the work he and his crew perform is held to a very high standard. Our landscapes stand the test of time; they are sustainable. We plant the right plant in the right place, and we guide you as to how to care for your investment. We also visit the project twice after the installation is complete to make sure the new plantings are getting established properly. 

We invite you to visit our website at for a small sampling of the landscapes that we have completed in the last few years. Additional photos of our work are archived at SmartyPlants and can be made available to you. 

We appreciate your business and your interest in our landscape design and installation services. 
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These are a few of our favorite design and installation projects:

Shadoff Residence


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Renovation of the Cannon Residence in El Cid



Corby Residence Before:

Corby Residence After:

Davidson Residence Before:
Davidson Residence After:

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