Aquatic Plants

A water garden adds an entirely new dimension to your garden.  Although you can, you don’t have to start with a gigantic in-ground or above-ground vessel.  You can have a water garden in a small hole-less planter and graduate to a bigger vessel as your comfort level increases and as you desire. 

Aquatic plants require 6-8 hrs. of sun for optimal growth and flower production.  Fish or no fish, moving water or still water, light feature or no light feature – these are all elements to be considered to enhance your own personal water gardening experience. 

SmartyPlants offers a nice selection of water lilies (Nymphaea), marginal/bog and floater plants.  The list of plants generally available include:

Bloody Dock
Bog Lily
Canna Bengal Tiger
Canna Striped Beauty
Carex Floater
Cattail Graceful
Cattail Variegated
Clover Variegated
Giant Reed VGTD
Golden Club
Hibiscus Burgundy
Horsetail Reed
Houttuynia Cameleon
Iris Blue
Iris Japanese
Iris Louisiana
Iris Red
Iris Yellow
Lemon Bacopa
Lobelia cardinalis
Lobelia Victoria 5"
Ludwigia Sedioides
Mint Large Leaf Aquatic
Mint Small Leaf Aquatic FL
Nymphaea 'Bull's Eye'
Papyrus DWARF
Parrot's Feather Dwarf
Pennywort Variegated
Plantain Red 1g
Pot Pond 3g
Radican Marble Queen Float
Radican Marble Queen Pot
Rain Lily 1g
Rain Lily 5"
Rice Grass Ornamental 5"
Rush Blue Pickerel
Rush Corkscrew
Rush Horsetail

Rush Variegated
Sensitive Large Leaf
Snowflake White Lg
Society Garlic VGTD
Spider Lily Variegated
Star Grass 1g
Sweet Flag
Sweetflag Variegated
Taro 5"
Taro Black Coral 1g
Taro Black Magic
Taro Elena
Taro 'Tea Cup'
Taro Violet Stem
Taro White Lava
Umbrella Palm 5"
Umbrella Palm Dwarf
Umbrella Palm Regular
Water Calla 5"
Water Celery Variegated
Water Poppy Floater
Water Poppy Pot
Water Snowball
White Pickerel

"I am very pleased with the water lilies I bought from SmartyPlants.
 They're healthy & growing already after a week in my pond."

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