August 2018 Newsletter

Fruit Trees
Here in South Florida, we are lucky to live in a climate where the selection of tropical fruit trees that can flourish is quite diverse. SmartyPlants offers many different fruit trees, but the two most popular ones are avocados and mangoes indeed. The fruits from the different trees vary in size, texture, and flavor. Depending on variety and affected by weather conditions, the fruits appear on the tree at different times of the year. The charts below give you a quick summary of the fruiting season for the different varieties of avocados and mangoes that we normally have in stock.

Of all the avocados (Persea americana) grown in Florida, most people are familiar with the California Hass avocado. The Florida Hass is a Mexican type avocado that was selected from a California Hass seed and was planted on the west coast of Florida. It has been acclimated to the high humidity in this region. The main difference between the Florida Hass and its California parent is that the Florida variety contains significantly less fat. The Hass avocados are smaller than all of the old-school varieties grown for many years in Florida.

Most mango trees will grow larger than 30 ft, but the Julie, the Juliette, and the Nam Doc Mai are considered dwarf of semi-dwarf varieties (10-15 ft) that can be grown in a small yard or even in a container on a patio. These are all delicious varieties that are sweet, juicy, and fiberless. Low nitrogen fertilizer is a good option for mango trees. Otherwise, too much growth is promoted on the tree itself thereby retarding the flowering and fruiting stages.

Below are other fruit trees that grow nicely in Florida. We often have many or most of them in stock. You will notice that there are no citrus trees on the table; a special license and State inspections are required for nurseries that sell citrus trees in Florida.

SmartyPlants carries organic soil amendments and organic fertilizers, like the Dr. Earth, to help keep your fruit trees growing and producing.  While August is a hot month, it is a great month to plant fruit trees. New roots grow rapidly and afternoon nourishing rains also help. Most of our fruit trees are available in 3 or 7-gallon containers, which are a small enough size to transport in any vehicle. 
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