May 2018 Newsletter

Mother's Day
Sunday, May 13th

Family units come in an array of special mixes. Whether mother and daughter, mother and son, sons and daughters with either two moms or two dads, join us this weekend at SmartyPlants to celebrate Mother's Day. We will honor 20% off of any one gift item purchased by the child for his/her mother. Both need to be present to receive the offer.  
SmartyPlants has been busy preparing gift ideas to suit all needs. From plants for a wildflower garden bed to colorful hanging baskets - we have them; scented plants like lavendula, gardenias, or sweet almond - we have them; unusual potted specimen plants like desert roses or Alocasia 'Tiny Dancers' - we have them; good old traditional plants like roses or African violets - we have them. For a more exotic plant enthusiast, we have mounted ferns, bromeliads, or tillandsias on unique plaques and wood pieces. And many many more ideas to complement any home or garden space - we have them! 

Plants that Clean the Air
With NASA's 30th anniversary of their plants-in-space findings being adopted in the educational curriculum, we have been getting many inquiries about plants that help clean the air. Therefore, we have decided to re-write the original article that we did two years ago. 

The study was done by NASA back in 1989, aboard the Space Station. Results provided a list of the best plants for filtering the air in peoples' homes and offices. Toxic agents commonly found in these spaces include benzene, which is found in glues, paints, solvents and detergents; formaldehyde, which is found in drywall, cabinetry, and carpeting; and trichloroethylene, which is found in industrial cleaners and dry cleaning. NASA researchers suggest that efficient air cleaning is accomplished with at least one plant per 100 square feet of home or office space.

While chrysanthemums top the list of these fabulous air-scrubbing plants, they are not a sustainable crop in South Florida. Others that are available and grow in abundance in our climate include spider plants, Spathiphyllum or Peace Lilies, Boston ferns, Dracaenas, Chamaedorea or Bamboo Palms, Rhaphis or Lady Palms, a wide variety of sansevierias or snake plants, and Aloe Vera, frequently used for sunburn pain. Although most plants prefer to live outdoors, these listed will not mind living indoors while they beautify your space and provide air-cleaning services to boot. 
Pesky Mosquitos

As pleasant as the ambiance here at SmartyPlants is (or so we are told), we do have cycles of high-mosquito activity, unfortunately. The pests always seem to congregate in the sunny area and especially around the checkout area. To help eradicate these little nuisances, we just purchased a high-powered made-in-USA industrial fogger that arrived today. This will help ensure that your SmartyPlants experience is all that it can be. Thank you for your endurance and patience with these buggers, but after tonight, they are as good as gone! 
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