Water Gardens

A water garden can add peaceful Zen elements to any balcony, deck, or spacious garden bed. They also make an ideal first gardening effort for children. Water gardens have been recorded since ancient times by Persians and Chinese. Sometimes referred to as aquatic gardens or pond pots, all that is needed is a non-draining or non-porous pot, a few aquatic plants, and water. 

Begin with a vessel of your choice to hold the garden. The deeper and wider your pot is, the more choices you have regarding plant selection. Aquatic plants are divided into three main categories - floaters, marginal, and submerged - so the depth of your vessel in large will determine the type of aquatic plant that will live happily in your pot.  

A shallow bowl of six inches can sustain aquatic plants called 'floaters." Floaters require no planting; just simply place them in the water, and they will grow. Miniature varieties of papyrus or horsetail reeds can also survive in shallow water. Floaters can only tolerate tropical temperatures and do not do well in frost. Marginal plants have their roots in the water, but the rest of the plant is above. Good examples of marginals are irises, juncus, and canna lilies. Submerged plants are planted in their own pots that rest on the bottom of the container. Tropical water lilies are the most popular of these.  

Maintenance of a water garden is actually very minimal. Adding water to maintain the proper level is essential, and changing the water in the container is generally a monthly chore. Although this eliminates the need for aeration devices like bubblers in the containers, a bubbler can add an interesting feature. Pond clarifiers help with mosquitoes, and fertilizer tablets are suggested for plant nutritional needs. 



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Supermoss supplies a seven-inch sphere that can sit or hang. Once planted, the sphere can be soaked weekly or as needed. Other new items of interest include moss wreaths, succulent frames, bark, stakes, and sconces that are in a crescent shape with a flat back that can be hung from a wall.


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