November 2017 Newsletter

Annuals Have Arrived 

As cooler weather approaches, SmartyPlants has begun to receive a large assortment of cool-weather annuals to add color to your garden beds or pots that will last through winter and spring. Petunias, marigolds, angelonia, wax and "big" begonias, coleus, alyssum, sunpatiens, and geraniums are here. Herbs and vegetables starter plants are also filling our tables. Herbs, veggies, and annuals can be used with a dramatic centerpiece to create interesting combinations of texture and color for a personalized container garden. Based on your outdoor theme or d├ęcor, we can help you create a container arrangement that includes a "thriller", a "filler", and a "spiller" that will put a smile on your face all season long.  

If you choose to start growing herbs or vegetables from seed, our organic seed rack has been restocked for the growing season. As we mentioned in last month's newsletter, 'tis the time to sow your seeds. For areas affected by the recent hurricanes, BOTANICAL INTERESTS, our seed supplier, has packaged wildflower seed combinations to give out to our customers. This act of kindness will brighten any garden for the holidays. Pick up your free seed packet at the register.  

Poinsettias and Christmas Cacti are almost here. They are expected to arrive on the 17th, just in time for Thanksgiving.

SmartyPlants will be closed Thanksgiving Day

Unusual and Hard To Find 

We enjoy bringing you unusual and hard-to-find plants. Two interesting beauties take center stage today:

Cornutia grandiflora or Tropical Lilac - its common name comes not from the flowers, but from the scent of its aromatic, velvety leaves, which delights us when crushed or brushed. A native to Costa Rica, tropical lilacs can reach a height of 12 feet by 6 feet wide. Their bright blue-to-lavender flowers, a favorite of butterflies and bees, appear as upright torches in early spring, summer, and into the fall. True blue is hard to find as a landscape color, so plant tropical lilac to add this unusual color to your landscape.

Portlandia coccinea - is also known as Pink Bell Flower or Tree Lily. This Jamaican native was first written about in 1788. It thrives in South Florida as a medium-size shrub or small tree. The trumpet shaped flowers, which range from dark pink to deep crimson, appear twice a year - in spring and fall. After flowering, the woody capsules that appear contain seeds, which are a favorite of migrating hummingbirds.  


Olive Trees On Sale

Our olive tree selection is looking wonderful, and we invite you to take advantage of the great selection currently on the ground. We carry these hard-to-find beautiful trees in 3- & 7-gallon sizes. The silvery foliage and upright growth habit make it an interesting specimen in the ground or in a pot. As it is a slow grower, it can be used as the "thriller" in an elegant Greek urn for example surrounded by smaller plants with contrasting colors and textures. Take one home at 20%off until the end of the month! 

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