February 2017 Newsletter

Flowering Trees Show Signs of Spring
Spring is just around the corner and Dixie Highway is about to erupt with the brilliant yellow flowers on the numerous Tabebuia argenteas. Also called Yellow Tabebuia or Silver Trumpet trees, these displays of yellow flower clusters are spectacular. The trees are also distinguished by their craggy, cork-like bark and twisted trunks and branches. Though they have a short bloom period of a few weeks, there is hardly another specimen tree that creates such beauty while it lasts.

Other early-spring bloomers are Tibouchinas. Three that do well in South Florida are Tibouchina granulosa or Purple Glory tree, Tibouchina urvilleana or Princess Flower, and Tibouchina lepidota, a smaller variety that grows to four feet. This variety was developed in Australia in the 1960s. It has become very popular in South Florida given we have the same climate. Three times a year, Tibouchinas all create a display of deep, rich purple flowers. Help them to stay healthy and to bloom prolifically by fertilizing them regularly. SmartyPlants currently offers Tibouchina lepidota in tree or standard form and also a newer hybrid called Hibble Dibble. This new hybrid has showy large light-purple flowers that call on pollinators. We plan to have Purple Glory trees later in the week as well.   

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