Spring Butterfly Gardens

This is a great time to add a butterfly garden to your home. You have a lot of choices depending on your space. Butterfly gardens can be in the ground or in containers. They can also be either a host garden or a nectar garden - butterflies need both. A host garden is where the eggs are laid; eggs hatch into caterpillars; caterpillars eat the leaves of the plants; chrysalis' form; and finally, they transform into mature butterflies. A nectar garden is where butterflies stop to eat or drink, then they flutter away. Examples below show a small, simple way to do either type of container garden. The nectar garden pot is a planted with Pentas, Strawflower, and Lantana. Several species of butterflies will stop in these to take a sip or two. The host garden pot below is planted with Rue, Dill, and Parsley, which will host the Black Swallowtails. Both containers are 12-inch diameter pots, so they could easily be used on a sunny terrace or balcony without taking up a lot of space.

We are very excited to share with you that we have increased our selection of native plants that attract butterflies. We now stock Twinflower, Creeping Sage, Blue Sage, Beebalm, Seaside Goldenrod, Seaside Ageratum, Spiderwort, and Coral Bean. Many of these also attract bees, which we need. 

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