Martin Says...

July 9, 2015
Go Variegated
What is variegation? It is interesting patterns of two or more color tones in leaves or stems of plants. It is caused by color pigments that unevenly replace the green color (chlorophyll) in the tissue. Although white is usually the color associated with variegation, it can also be pink, yellow, orange, purple, etc. Variegated plants make up less than 1% of all plants in nature.

Variegation is in a class of its own when it comes to adding interest to the garden. There are many people who dedicate themselves to collecting only variegated plants. Their gardens provide a soft and cool feel with exciting combinations of texture and color created mainly by multi-tone foliage as opposed to blooms.

Options for variegated plants are numerous. The display below shows only a fraction of these types of plants that we offer you. Make your garden more sexy with variegated plants!

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