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Issue No. 23October-November 2013
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Time for Veggie Growing
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Time For Veggie Growing     
Growing your own vegetables is becoming more and more popular. It's time to start sowing, or at least, preparing to sow your seeds. If you are someone who is trying this adventure for the first time, we have organic and heirloom seeds as well as organic soil that has sustainable ingredients to give you a good start with your garden. The soil you use is very important; it's where it all begins, right? Organic Mechanics Container Blend contains compost and wood products, worm castings, rice hulls (instead of perlite and vermiculite), and our favorite part - coconut coir instead of peat moss. There are 2 benefits to the coconut coir: 1) It does not shrink when it goes dry, and it promptly rehydrates upon watering. Peat moss-based soils need to be soaked when they become dry in order to rehydrate the rootball. 2) It is widely available and sustainable. Peat moss has to be harvested from bogs that take hundreds of years to produce peat. Another added benefit of the Container Blend we offer is that throughout the life of your plant, it will requires less water than peat-based soils. Go organic and sustainable!

A couple of tips include:
  • Sow the same-vegetable seeds every few days or every week. This will enable you to harvest the same veggie for a longer period of time.  
  • To give your veggies a head start, add Plant Tone fertilizer by Espoma upon planting them.
  • Grow your veggies in raised beds or in above-ground pots, especially tomatoes, as they are susceptible to nematodes. Or, try The Garden Stick for a vertical alternative if your are limited on space. These Garden Sticks were planted between 5 and 12 days ago. Look at them go!   
If you have a vegetable garden, you will likely be visited by a variety of chewing and sucking insects. One particular insect that deserves attention is the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug shown on the picture above. Insecticides are usually ineffective because these shield-shaped bugs are sucking insects that feed by inserting their proboscis below the surface of the skin of the fruit. The fruit will rot before it matures. The best solution to keep these critters away from your fruit is to use a physical barrier, like a plant hood, because it prevents the bug from reaching the plant/fruit but allows water and sun to penetrate. Be on the look out for these bugs and "keep them out of your garden".  

Happy sowing and good luck. It may be a trying process, but the reward is oh so sweet when you go right outside your door and pick your dinner!!   

One of our wonderful customers brought us the information to apply for the Chase Bank $250,000 grant again this year. Thank you Lucinda! As soon as we fill out the paperwork, we will be sending you another e-mail asking you to vote for us. We need 250 votes in order to be considered for the grant. Last year, you guys came through with shining colors! We will be asking for your help again. Can you imagine if we get it?!!?!??! Chances are slim to none, but we have to try. I hope you vote for us.  

In the next two weeks, we will receive the majority of what will be our hard-goods inventory for the year. We are in the process of preparing to receive LOTS of new merchandise. To make room for the new, we are planning to have an "Opportunity Area" with items that will be reduced anywhere from 25 to 40%. Stay tuned so you don't miss out. We'll let you know when it's ready.  

Especially after this recent, shall we call it "little mess in Washington", I'd like to make a special effort to highlight companies that manufacture products in the USA. A local artist, Gerri, made beautiful "Made In the USA" signs for us to place on all USA-made products. Look for those signs throughout the gift shop and consider buying those products to support our local economy.    

We often get asked for a reliable lawn service. Jim from Canada is back.  Please call him at 561-223-6726.  

Plant of the Month 

Once we took a walk around the nursery, the Plant of the Month was an easy pick. If scent could be transported through the internet, everybody would unanimously agree that the fragrance of the grafted Gold Gardenia (Gardenia tubifera var. kula) is delicately exquisite and that the plant is stunning.  

This large shrub, which was also the Sun Sentinel's Plant of the Month in December of 2010, can be trained into a small tree to a height of perhaps 10 ft. The flowers change color from ivory to golden yellow and other shades in between. It rewards us with a generous amount of blooms on and off in the warm months. It is peaking in the nursery at this time. You must see it and smell it. Please stop by to partake in this wonderful gift from nature. 


We have a number of specials that last 3 days, 2 weeks, or 'til the end of November. 

Dracaenas of all sizes and varieties are 15% off through November. This is a shade lover; it also makes a nice nice gift for a home or office. Please don't water them too much.  

Panama Roses (Rondeletia), once our Plant of the Month, are ready to burst into pink puffy blooms; they are absolutely beautiful. The 7-gal. plants are 20% off through the end of November! You and your butterflies will love them.

Halloween 3-day sale - Halloween cats, Jack-o-Lanterns, ceramic pumpkins, and other Halloween decor will be 25% off on Tuesday October the 29th, Wednesday the 30th, and Thursday the 31st.   

Til the end of October or while supplies last - We want to make room for the new merchandise coming from Campania soon. All USA-made Campania concrete planters that are currently in stock are 25%! This is a great chance to acquire a Campania-quality planter.

The colorful Spanish pottery at 40% off and the Viducci's Isi planters at 20% off have been very popular. We will keep these discounted prices until Thanksgiving. This is your last chance!  


One of last issue's SmartyTips to you and to your plants was to "hang on", and so you did. We all made it through another sticky couple of months, and here we are on the other side of it, enjoying fully what's only the beginning of the season that makes us love living in South Florida.  

What to do for your plants? This is the last good fertilizing effort of the year. Due to heat and rain, there is probably little food left in the ground for your plants. They are not going to spend as much energy growing in the next couple of months as they did in the past 3-4, but they still need nutrients. We recommend that, unless you prefer to go totally organic or totally synthetic, you alternate using both types of fertilizers. A big advantage of organic fertilizers is that they improve the texture of the soil. This is the best time to use an organic alternative because a lighter nutritional application is sufficient for your plants while improving your soil. If you don't use organic, the application of synthetic fertilizer this time of year can be lighter than it was at the beginning of the summer.
A light pruning is okay on the majority of your garden plants, but at this point, the growth rate will be quite diminished. So, don't give them a hard cut - just enjoy what you've created. Perhaps add some annual color for fun.

Thank you for your continued support.

Marta Edwards and Paul Harding
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