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Issue No. 19 March 2013

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New at SmartyPlants
We have gone pot crazy! Beautifully hand-painted pottery from Spain has arrived in a variety of bright-color glazes, terracotta with glazed rims, solid colors, solid terracotta, and in many interesting shapes. Cerámica de España  is a new line for us. We hope it transports you to the Mediterranean if only for a few moments. 

Many of you have asked for herb labels for your garden. You will fall in love with these ceramic whimsical herb labels hand-crafted in Ohio. Now you and your guests will be able to distinguish between weeds and parsley or thyme.  

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Plant of the Month 
Rondeletia leucophylla, commonly known as Panama Rose, is the
Plant of the Month for March. This plant is a must for butterfly gardens because of its abundant flowers when little else may be in bloom. The flowers are sweetly fragrant especially after sunset. To keep the plant looking fresh and to control its size, cut it back hard at the beginning of summer when blooming slows down. It can get to 15 ft. if left to its own demise, but you can keep it around 5 ft. with proper pruning. A little fertilizer goes a long way with Rondeletia. It does well in dryer conditions once established. See it at SmartyPlants in 3-gal. and in 7-gal. sizes.  
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March is perhaps the most important month to fertilize because plants are ready to go into their growing sprees. Energy, e.g. nutrients, are needed by the plant to grow and maybe even flower. Don't skip this feeding. Anytime in the next 2-3 weeks, fertilize your palms, trees, and shrubs with a slow-release fertilizer. This type of fertilizer will ensure that the nutrients are released slowly and are available to the plant for a longer duration. Not all fertilizers are created equal. Apply a fertilizer that lasts a minimum of 3 months. Otherwise, you'll find yourself having to apply it more often. As we are all so busy, applying fertilizer more often is not exactly what we want to do with our time, right?  

We all know that spring is almost here - supposedly. But I've been wondering if it will get here anytime soon. We're still seeing somewhat cold temperatures. Although it's okay to fertilize in the next couple of weeks, perhaps wait a little longer to prune.  

Run every zone of your irrigation system to make sure it's running properly. Plants have been dormant (sort of), but they'll want to wake up as we warm up and move into spring. So, be sure your system is giving you adequate coverage and that spray heads or emitters are not clogged.  


For all you butterfly lovers out there, we're offering Panama Rose - also our Plant of the Month - on sale this month at 20% off.  We have it in 3-gal. and 7-gal. sizes. They are FULL of blooms. 

For almost 300 years, Burgon and Ball tools have been the choice of discerning gardeners and they have recently been recognized with the official endorsement by The Royal Horticultural Society of Stainless Steel Tools in Great Britain. Our order from Burgon & Ball is now complete and on our shelves. We have snips, secateurs, hoes, shovels, shears, rakes, and even a book on topiary trimming. The entire line is 10% off. Don't miss out! Be prepared for spring with top-of-the-line tools that are sharp and ready to go. 

The shade house was just stocked, among other plants, with beautiful Chinese Fan Palms, Livistonia chinensis. We also have some large plants that are grown in full sun. This is a great plant for a large space in the garden or to keep in containers in a shady spot to create a focal point. It is a fast grower, so plan accordingly. We have 3-gal., 5-gal., and believe or not, 100-gal. containers. They are all multi-trunked plants and all sizes are offered at 20% off. They are beautiful!   

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Thank you for your continued support.

Marta Edwards and Paul Harding
Amelia's SmartyPlants
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