February 2013 Newsletter


We have so much to share with you, our loyal customers! December and January were busy with holidays, and receiving and displaying new merchandise.  It's incredible that February is already here and we're starting another year.  

David Croyle
You will see another new friendly face here at SmartyPlants. We are happy and very lucky to have David Croyle join our team. He brings a lot of knowledge and experience in garden maintenance. You'll be hard pressed to find someone else with as much energy, enthusiasm, and "let's-do-it" attitude than David. He will be heading our Garden Maintenance Department as he helps us grow in response to demand.       

We are also excited to bring you informative and colorful signage throughout the nursery. We haven't finished all the signs we plan to make, but we've started replacing the old hand-written faded ones with nice cards that are easy to read. Bear with us while we make the rest. It's a project that's been on the wish list for two years and on the works for several months, and we're finally getting there one plant at a time. Patience is a virtue after all!   

Plant of the Month 

This month we are showcasing the Pink Kopsia as our Plant of the Month. The Kopsia fruticosa, also known as Shrub Vinca, is underused in the landscape, and it's a plant that is worth bringing to your attention. Its leaves are similar in shape and look to the Pinwheel Jasmine, but they are larger. Although not fragrant, its 5-petal blooms are very pale pink with a crimson center. Literature states that it blooms in the spring and summer, but we've had it here at the garden center for a couple of years now, and we've noticed blooms on it at all times. Expect it to get to 8 ft. tall by 6 ft. wide but not in a big hurry; it will get there slowly. This plant or any parts of it are not known to be poisonous. And a nice bonus is that it is cold tolerant to about 30 degrees F. So, if you're looking for a splash of pink and a plant that has a free-flowing structure, add Pink Kopsia to your full-sun garden. It will not bloom in the shade. We have it in 3-gal. and 7-gal. sizes. 
plant of the month february 2013
Vinca (kopsia fruticosa)


The SmartySeminar Series are back! We are planning to have a few very informative classes this year staring with one next week.   

We'd like to invite you to join us Saturday, February 16, for a seminar on plant nutritional needs and fertilization. You will learn everything you ever wanted to know about fertilizing your palms, trees, shrubs, annuals, and lawns.

We have engaged Larry Walker, owner of Nurserymen's Sure-Gro, to share his vast knowledge with us regarding plant needs, fertilizers, and fertilization programs. Larry has been in the chemical manufacturing industry for over 55 years. He holds degrees in Chemical Engineering (Bachelor of Science) and Finance (Master of Science), and after working for 3 major corporations for almost 30 years, he purchased Nurserymen's Sure-Gro in 1985. He has been producing high-quality fertilizers in Florida ever since. He believes that nothing that a plant needs should be left out of a fertilizer formula. We at SmartyPlants have had success using his fertilizers in the landscapes we install and here at the nursery, and that's why we selected his products to sell to you.  

Please join Larry at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday February 16, for a discussion on fertilizers. He will focus on palms and their nutritional needs, but will welcome all your questions. There will be handouts and maybe even doughnuts.

In order to adequately prepare chairs, handouts, and goodies, we would like to request that you reserve your spot by calling us no later than next Wednesday the 13th. There is no charge to attend, but we can plan better if we know how many people are coming. Our number is 561.540.6296.  Hope to see you on the 16th.  


We are not the only ones enjoying these unseasonably warm temperatures; bugs are also having a feast. We are currently seeing an unusual population of scale and mealybugs. Stay vigilant!

Scale on sago palm
Please don't trim any of your plants until we can be sure that the threat of cold has passed. Any new growth can get damaged by cold weather. Just give those pruners a rest for another month or so, and then you can have at it. Enjoy the break. 

As Larry will tell us next weekend, wait just a little longer to fertilize. Although plants are growing due to the warm weather, we don't want to spur on new growth while we still have the threat of cold weather. Unless a plant is showing a nutritional deficiency, wait until March to fertilize.  


Copperleaf, all sizes, are 20% off.  We have some very large plants that will instantly create privacy or fill in that blank spot in your yard. 

Did you know that Burley Clay Products are made in Roseville, Ohio? How exciting to find a ceramic pot made in the USA! It is a new line to us, so we're introducing it to you at 20% off. 

In the spirit of having fun with Valentine's Day, we decided to offer our bonsais and terrariums at 14% off for the month of February. They make great Valentine's gifts.  

february 2013 specials
February Specials!!! Bonsais, terrariums, and Burley pots.

Thank you for your continued support.

Marta Edwards and Paul Harding
Amelia's SmartyPlants
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