Come look at the spectacular bromeliads in the shade house. The plants themselves can add year-round color to your garden and when they bloom they can surprise you with a magnificent display. Bromeliads thrive under a variety of conditions and require very little care. Prices range from $5 to $200. Varieties include Neoregelia, Vriessa, Aechmea, Alcantarea, Billbergia, Tillandsia, Guzmania and Pineapple.

Bromeliads range from epiphytes that live entirely on the air & water that come their way to terrestrial bromeliads such as pineapples. Most of those in the picture have a root structure--primarily for anchoring--but most of their nutrients come from cup-like reservoirs in the plant structure. After they flower, they produce "pups", often 2 or more, that are miniature plants (after they flower) that are easily transplanted. In essence the plants multiply themselves to generously reward you with more plantsSome also grow from seed. Very interesting family!

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