Paul Interviewed on Wes Blackman's Radio Show

Wes Blackman
Join host Wes Blackman as he welcomes Paul Harding to the High Noon show in the Lake Worth studio.  From the show tickler:

"Mr. Harding is co-owner of Amelia’s SmartyPlants, and has been working in the plant industry since he was a teenager.  Born in Essex, England, he came toPhiladelphia when he was only 6.  From age 8, his Mom had him plant their yard every summer with bushes and trees from a local garden center.  He quickly got a job working there, and he was hooked.

Paul Harding
In 2005, he and Marta Edwards created AmeliaScapes, Inc., a landscaping company.  Lack of cooperation from the economy quickly had a negative impact into our 3-year old company.  So one day, Paul came home with the brilliant idea that we should open a garden center.  'Initially', said Marta, 'I thought he was crazy, but the convincing argument was that the garden center would bring us landscaping work.  A bigger push was the fact that neither one of us wanted to return to the corporate world, so about 15 months later, we opened Amelia’s SmartyPlants – a full-service garden center - right on Lake Worth's North Dixie Hwy.'
Although Paul has no formal training in landscaping, he has obtained much knowledge from the 500+ landscaping projects he has completed.  The calluses in his hands can vouch for the numerous years of hands-on experience that he brings to the table – or in this case – the garden.  His plant palette grows continuously, so his landscapes evolve and get more interesting.  He likes to explore new plant combinations and landscaping styles while keeping in mind low maintenance and sustainability."

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