Fairy Garden?

What is a fairy garden? 

Some believe it's where fairies live. Give them the right environment & they'll move right in, bringing their good luck into your garden. Others aren't so sure about fairies, but when they see a perfect little swing and a perfect little chair in a perfect little garden they're transported to a place of peace and solitude.

Children don't care what they are. They just melt right into fairy gardens. in fact, something in fairy gardens touch the child inside all of us.

Fairy gardens can be very small. The ones at Amelia's SmartyPlants are the size of birdbaths. But in addition to plants & furniture & curled up cats, they contain armloads of dreams and sighs and smiles and memories.

Need a special gift for a special person? Consider a fairy garden. It will fit on a patio, a balcony, a shady corner of the garden, and a special place in the heart.
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