SmartyTips for July

Bugs - It seems that more bugs than ever are attacking our beloved plants. We've said it before - be extra vigilant of bugs when it's this hot and humid. Check under the leaves and on the trunk and stems of shrubs. Notice if the insects are damaging your plants by sucking or by chewing. Different pesticides are appropriate for each type of insect.  

Oil-Based Pesticides - If you are using an on-contact/suffocating type of pesticide like Neem Oil, apply in the early hours of the day. Oil-based sprays can burn your plant if temperatures are higher than 75 degrees F.  

White Fly - What can we say about Spiraling White fly that hasn't been said? Yuk!!! They are not picky about what they eat. A systemic pesticide - one that is absorbed by the plant through the roots - is necessary. If you don't want to use chemicals, blast them with water on a regular basis to keep them at bay; they come off easily. It's working at our house, but we have to do it weekly at a minimum.  
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